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(eBook) (PDF) Fundamentals of Communication Systems, 2nd edition


Masoud Salehi, 
John G. Proakis




Fundamentals of Communication Systems introduces the basic techniques used in modern systems and explains fundamental methodologies used in the analysis and design of these systems. Authors John Proakis and Masoud Salehi emphasize digital communication systems, including new generations of wireless communication systems, satellite communications and data transmission networks.The 2nd Edition has been updated with the latest information about modern communication systems. Highlights include a major reorganization of basic digital modulation methods based on geometric representation of signals. Other topics receiving new coverage include carrier phase estimation and symbol synchronization, multicarrier modulation and OFDM, and iterative decoding of turbo codes and LDPC codes.

Published by Pearson (January 1st 2022) – Copyright © 2014
ISBN-13: 9780137848706
Subject: Electrical Engineering
Category: Communication Systems


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